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Jowar Dhokla Recipe

Updated: Jun 17

Jowar Dhokla ingredients


  1. Sieve Radix Nutritive® Jowar Flour and Gram Flour to ensure that there is no occurrence of lumps

  2. Add ½ cup of water to ½ cup curd and stir it to form a nice consistent butter milk

  3. Mix all the listed ingredients except Eno salt to make a smooth batter

  4. Cover the batter and let it rest for 15-20 mins at room temperature

  5. We might need to add 2 tbsp. of water to bring the batter as per desired consistency, as Jowar has a natural tendency to absorb more water

  6. Mix the Eno salt and pour the batter into a greased vessel for steaming and

  7. Steam the batter on medium flame for 30 mins (approx.)

Vow…Jowar Dhokla are ready to be relished!!!.

Slice the Dhoklas. Season them with mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chilly. Sprinkling roasted sesame seeds/ grated coconut will add to taste and increase in nutritional value.

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