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Our Gluten - free, Vegan and Millet offerings

Business Profile:

As Radix Nutritive®, we are a multi-award winning Gluten-free food and Millet brand.

As creators of Gluten-free, Vegan, Specialty foods, and Millet products, our product categories are diverse. From bakery to sweetshop, flours & blends, rawas/ sooji, instant mixes and snack bars, our brand seems to cater to a wide range of dietary needs and preferences, across geographies and cultures.

All tasks from procurement, to processing, milling, sieving, preparing, baking, labeling, to packaging, are undertaken by us under one single roof in our exclusive gluten-free facility located at Singanayakanahalli, Yelahanka, Bengaluru - 560064.

Our facility also houses a store front, to welcome walk-in customers a unique experience with freshly made "Ready to eat" and "Ready to cook" products. 

Brand Story:

Radix Nutritive® was founded in 2017 by Mrs. Mridu Jana and Mr. Srinivas Jana with the aim of providing healthy, nutritious, and wellness products.

The idea for the brand entity came about after Mr. Jana was diagnosed with gluten allergy in 2011 and struggled to find suitable options to meet his dietary requirements.

Radix Nutritive® focuses on using "Millets, the Forgotten Grains" at its core and strives to revolutionize the platter by keeping food simple, promoting local, providing authentic food, and introducing value-added products backed by innovation.

We offer a range of delectable food products that are free from Wheat, Maida (refined flour), and Refined White Sugar without compromising the taste.


Taste for your buds and health for your gut is an unparallel win-win combination. 

Founder Speaks:

"A calm body reflects inner peace, engenders a positive mind frame leading to a holistic well-being". 

Well, it all started from here – The Founders!!!

Welcome Note: 

Welcome to our website where we showcase a range of sustainable "free-from food" products.  

At Radix Nutritive®, we are committed to promoting food-conscious society by constantly innovating and launching new food products that cater to a wider customer base. Our goal is to keep food simple, that we can relish and benefit from. Join us in our mission to make food choices that are viable for us and our planet.

Millets are a great addition to any diet, and we're here to help you incorporate seamlessly into your meals. With our simple ingredient swaps, you can enjoy all your favorite dishes while reaping the benefits of these nutritious grains. Let's start exploring the delicious world of millets together!

Our B2B customers, particularly professional chefs, restaurants, and cafes, are a great source of inspiration for us. We are always amazed by the value-added recipes they create using our product stack. It's an honor to be a part of their culinary journey and we strive to continue providing them with the best ingredients possible.


Are you an event organizer, owner/s of restaurant, college canteen, office pantry, coworking space, star hotel, wellness center, holiday resort, café, bistro or residential school looking to expand your menu and cater to a wider and happy audience?


Look no further! We are here to help you design and expand your menu to meet the needs of your customers using Gluten-free and Millet products. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can work together !!!

Industry Recognitions

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