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Kodo millet is a healthy combination of micro and macro nutrients. Provides physical and psychological health, from healthy gut to stress free mind. Detoxifies body and relaxes mind. 


Great for Women

Rich in Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Folic acid make it an excellent food for women who generally complain of tiredness, fatigue and joint pain after menopause


Diabetic Friendly

Improves Insulin levels reduces fasting sugar levels, low glycemic index


Strengthens Immune System

Contains polyphenols that contain anti-bacterial properties and work against number of infectious bacteria

Roasted Kodo Millet

₹115.00 Regular Price
₹97.75Sale Price
  • Click the link to access the benefits of Kodo Millet. 



    Here are the links to access delightful Kodo Millet recipes:

  • 1. 6 months from packaging date 
    2. Transfer to an air tight container & keep away from sunlight

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