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Sorghum / Jowar - Benefits


Nutritional Information of Sorghum / Jowar:

Jowar Sorghum - Nutritional Information

Benefits* of Sorghum / Jowar are as under:

  1. Aids in blood circulation

  2. Improves bone health – being rich in Magnesium, it helps in calcium absorption

  3. Helps to add mass to the stool which helps in evacuating bowels, reliving constipation

  4. Cardiac friendly – helps in detoxification by limiting LDL bad cholesterol build-up

  5. Great source of protein - helps to keep full for a longer duration of time period

  6. Gluten free food - recommended for celiac population


* The aforesaid benefits have been listed based on information from trusted sources. Millets are not medicines. Please check with your medical practitioner before usage.

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