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Kodo Millet - Benefits

Updated: Jul 6, 2023


Nutritional Information of Kodo Millet:

Kodo Millet - Nutritional Information

Benefits* of Kodo Millet are as under:

  1. Diabetic friendly – Low glycemic index, Improves insulin levels

  2. High on Dietary Fibre – Aids in Evacuating Bowels

  3. Strengthens Immune system

  4. Improves Cardiac Health and blood iron levels

    1. Key to Blood Purification

    2. Improves blood iron levels, regulates immune system and heals allergy

    3. Helps to thin blood (improves cardiac health) and dissolves fat depositions in the body (fights obesity)

  5. Rich in minerals and folic acid, it is recommended for post menopausal women

  6. Strengthens nervous system and useful in treating memory disorders – Dementia and Alzheimer

  7. Gluten free food - recommended for celiac population


* The aforesaid benefits have been listed based on information from trusted sources. Millets are not medicines. Please check with your medical practitioner before usage.

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