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Bajra Raab

bajra raab recipe


  1. Heat Ghee in a small pot. Add ajwain seeds and heat them till they splutter

  2. Add Radix Nutritive® Bajra Flour and roast it in ghee for 2-3 mins until it emits a pleasant aroma

  3. Add Jaggery, Salt, Ginger Powder and Water. Mix well so no lumps are left and Jaggery is dissolved

  4. Bring it to a boil and continue to heat for 5 mins. Let it thicken

  5. Ready to serve. Top it with chopped Nuts (optional)

Bajra Raab, a warm healthy porridge-like drink made from bajra flour, jaggery, and ghee, is served to strengthen the immune system of a new mother or someone who is low on energy. It is considered one of the home remedies for colds and coughs.

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