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Radix Nutritive® presents Chickpea flour or Kala Chana flour is rich in protein, high in dietary fiber, helps in body detoxification.  

Chickpea flour

  • Chickpea flour or Kala Chana flour has numerous benefits and few of them are listed below: 


    Great source of Iron

    • Prevents anaemia
    • Boosts energy levels


    Beneficial for women

    • contains saponins (type of anti-oxidant) which reduce risk of breast cancer and osteoperosis


    Rich in dietary fiber

    • prevents constipation


    Has low glycemic index

    • Helps in weight loss
    • Good for diabetics


    Good source of protein for vegetarians


    Flour can be added to gluten bearing flours to improve the nutritional quotient.  


  • 1. 6 months from packaging date 
    2. Transfer to an air tight container and keep away from sunlight

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