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Radix Nutritive® Barnyard rawa is milled to suit the needs of rawa based recipes like fermented Millet Idlis, Millet Upma, Millet Halwa and heights of kitchen creations. 

Roasted Barnyard Rawa

  • Relish delicious Millet idlis, Upma, Halwa  with Radix Nutritive® Barnyard rawa.  


    Our Barnyard millet is roasted and then grinded to the right coarseness suitable for Upma, Halwa, and Idlis.


    Barnyard Millet comes with immense benefits. Here are some.


    Here are the links to access delightful Browntop Rawa Recipes:


    Kindly note the method and proportions of millet idli and upma remains the same, across the small millet family. 

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