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Problem Stmt - Sedentary Lifestyle

Is inactive state taking you over, unconsciously?
Does it remind your routine?

There seems to be an upward trend of lifestyle conditions mostly among urban population. This can be attributed to our daily routine by –

  • consuming high on processed / refined foods

  • facing work-related stress, irregular sleep patterns,

  • spending sedentary lifestyle - media viewing for long hours

All these can contribute to our low wellness quotient.

Invariably by not moving our body, we are letting toxins build up – subconsciously or otherwise.

Human body sends us signals provided we are listening.

  • Constipation can be one such situation (let it not become a problem!!!). There may be other situations like diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain. Well, most of it can be related to toxin buildup in the body

  • Foods low on dietary fiber doesn’t provide enough roughage leading to irregular bowel movements which in turn leads to toxin build up

Improve your wellness quotient by

  • Adding foods with high dietary fiber content to get rid of body toxins,

  • Regularize your sleeping pattern and

  • Start moving your body, go out in the sun for a stroll, make offline friends and relationships.

There's much beyond work and the online world !!!

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