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Browntop Millet Rice - Gluten free

Updated: May 3

Browntop Millet Rice - Gluten free
Browntop Millet Rice - Gluten free

Procedure for Open Pan Cooking:

  • Soak Radix Nutritive® Roasted Unpolished Browntop Millet in water for 1 - 2 hours in a bowl

  • Drain out excess water and wash the millet. Now add fresh water as per prescription

  • Empty the contents of the bowl in an earthen pot

  • Put the lid, cook the rice on sim flame and stir it after 5 minutes

  • Cover the lid and continue cooking on sim flame till all the water is absorbed (usually takes 10-15 mins)

  • Now turn off the flame and rest the rice for 5 mins with lid on

Fluffy Browntop millet rice is ready to consume with your favorite curries or for onward kitchen creations.

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