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Barnyard Millet - Benefits

Updated: May 3


It is also considered as a go to sustainable food during religious fasting period.

Nutritional Information of Barnyard Millet:

Barnyard Millet - Nutritional information

Benefits* of Barnyard Millet are as under:

  1. Improves appetite among all age groups

  2. Low in calories – Barnyard is a rich source of highly digestible protein and at the same time is least calorie dense of all other cereals. It makes you feel light and energetic

  3. Rich in Dietary Fiber – Being rich in dietary fiber, it helps in preventing constipation, excess gas, bloating and cramping

  4. Diabetic friendly – Being low in glycemic index, it is a preferred food for diabetic population

  5. Good source of iron – Helps maintain hemoglobin levels

  6. Helps in optimal functioning of Liver, Pancreas, Spleen, Urinary bladder, Gall Bladder

  7. Gluten free food - recommended for celiac population.


* The aforesaid benefits have been listed based on information from trusted sources. Millets are not medicines. Please check with your medical practitioner before usage.

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