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Bajra Roti

bajra roti ingredients


  1. Take Radix Nutritive® Bajra Flour in a large bowl, add salt and mix it well

  2. Pour boiling water to the flour, mix it well using a metal spoon. (Note: Boiling water acts as a binding agent to the flour)

  3. Cover the loose dough with a piece of cloth and keep it aside for a few minutes to cool down

  4. Knead the dough with hands till it gets soft and seems uniform

  5. Make small balls

  6. Sprinkle a good amount of Bajra flour on the rolling board (alternatively one can use Sabudana/ Tapioca or Rice flour to ensure a gluten free recipe)

  7. Make rotis by

    1. Gentle pressing and rotating the dough balls using palms, OR,

    2. Rolling the dough balls between 2 food grade plastic sheets or butter paper

  8. Gently lift the up the roti and place it on a hot tawa. Dab a water-soaked cloth all over the roti side facing up

  9. Once the base side cooks, flip the roti and repeat dabbing the water-soaked cloth on the other side

  10. Spread ghee (clarified butter) on the bajra roti and serve it hot with Jaggery

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